Over a low heat, toast a couple of handfuls (75g) of chopped almonds,
    hazelnuts, cashews, coconut flakes or any other nuts in a dry frying pan
    until toasty smelling. Set aside. Toast a handful (50g) of whole pumpkin
    and sunflower seeds in the same pan until they pop. Set aside. Now
    toast 4 good handfuls (125g) of jumbo rolled oats in the pan until
    starting to smell nutty. Reduce the heat to low and add 1 heaped tbsp
    of coconut oil and the same of honey or maple syrup and stir to coat.
    Once combined, add 1 tsp of good vanilla extract and 1/2 tsp
    cinnamon. Return the nuts and seeds to the pan and stir until clumping
    together. Cool on a large plate before storing in an airtight jar.


    Start the day – Grate Chegworth Beauty apples
    over our award winning Sour Cherry Granola and serve
    with Brown Cow Organics Natural Yogurt and a drizzle
    of Womersley Golden Raspberry and Chilli vinegar


    Classic Flavours – Cut a cross into the top of some
    seasonal figs to open up the flesh, drizzle
    with Regent’s Park honey and crumble over your
    favourite blue cheese and some chopped walnuts


    Use Cavolo Nero or January King cabbage as an
    unusual salad green – just shred and massage with
    Nunez de Prado Olive Oil and a good Sherry Vinegar
    and serve with chunks of sweet roasted carrot and
    parsnip, with a good shaving of Parmesan to finish it off


    Elegant Salad – Chegworth Valley beetroots are great at
    the moment. Mandolin ruby, candy striped Choggia or
    golden beetroot into wafer thin discs and layer with torn
    pieces of Buffalo Mozzarella. Dress with Unio Moscatel
    Vinegar and Nunez de Prado Flor de Aceite Olive Oil,
    fresh herbs and some scattered toasted seeds


    Coat cauliflower florets with Arabica Ras el
    Hanout and Chiltern Cold Pressed Rape Seed
    Oil and bake till golden. Excellent with a grilled
    lamb chop and some wilted spinach drizzled
    with warmed Arabica Tahini