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Good food for your table

Melrose and Morgan is a grocery shop and kitchen providing freshly prepared food and artisan products and ingredients from our two shops in Primrose Hill and Hampstead Village, London.

We care about the quality of our food and we pay particular attention to its preparation. That’s why 60% of the food you find in our shops is made by our in-house team of chefs. We do not ‘manufacture’ – everything is made by hand in small batches by people who really care about food.

For us, local shops should be at the heart of the community. We like to surround ourselves with local bakers, fishmongers, butchers and other independent retailers and we are committed to championing small-scale artisan producers through our shops.

We are proud of being grocers and we hope that our years of knowledge and experience help us bring the best quality, value and above all flavour to everything we do.

More than anything we pride ourselves on working hard to put good food on your table.

Our food

Where ever possible we like to use food and ingredients grown and reared in the British Isles – this means eating ingredients only when they are at their best. As a result, our menus and the fresh produce we offer change regularly to suit the seasons.

Food packaging is kept to a minimum and we use recycled or recyclable products wherever possible.

Our website

On our website you will find news on the latest happenings and events at Melrose and Morgan, articles about our food, ingredients and suppliers, recipes and simple ideas for cooking at home in your kitchen. You will also find our daily, monthly ordering and special occasion menus.

We hope you find lots of good reading and reasons to come back and find out what we’ve been up to. However, the website can never be a substitute for coming in and experiencing our shops, tasting our food and chatting to our staff.

Our book: Good Food For Your Table
We built our business on the basis of the farmers and small scale food producers who inspire us with their produce and now want to share the knowledge and ideas we have gleaned in more than 10 years of operating from the chefs, makers, farmers, importers, distributors, staff and customers we’ve worked with.

Good Food For Your Table is a guide to ingredients, how to source and how to store….what to buy (and what not to buy) and when. How to make sure your kitchen cupboards are well stocked with useful food so you can always rustle up something good to eat. You’ll find historical information about how it is that certain foods have become part of our daily lives and, sometimes, how they’ve been adopted or adapted from food cultures around the world. There are recipes and ideas that we hope will inspire you to try new things and challenge some of your own preconceptions. Recipes that allow you to use just a few storecupboard essentials to create a nourishing meal, or help you preserve what’s bountiful today for the shorter days ahead.

This grocer’s guide is a compendium of useful information that we hope will grace your kitchen shelves and inspire you to serve good food every day.