Home Barista Masterclass

6.45-9pm, Tuesday 21st May, Primrose Hill shop

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a barista, or just want to get to know the black stuff a little better, then come and learn the true art of coffee making from the experts with our Home Barista Masterclass.

Renowned Broadway Market roasters and baristas, Climpson and Sons, will take you through flavours, varieties, beans, roasting and grinding, whilst letting you taste some unique coffees, before showing you the secrets of really great home brewing; whether its cafetiere, filter, stove top or espresso.

Alongside the tastings there will be some tasty nibbles to compliment the different coffee flavours you will be experiencing.

Tickets £25 each. Limited places so early booking is recommended.

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- To get a chance to WIN your place on the course for FREE, just answer the following question:

What is the name given to a coffee cherry that has only had one side of the bean fertilised resulting in a single rounded berry like bean?

a) Cauliberry
b) Peaberry
c) Carrotberry

Submit your answer by Clicking Here. All correct answers will be entered into a hat and one winner will be picked at random on Friday 17th May.

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