Wild Rice, Wheat Berry, Pea and Ticklemore Salad

The nutty rice and earthy wheat berries support the flavours of the goat’s cheese and toasted almonds successfully. Use fresh peas and broad beans where possible for a burst of goodness and add lots of herbs.


Soak the wheat berries overnight in a mixing bowl in plenty of water. Drain.

Pod and shell the broad beans and shell the peas.

Wash the rice in a sieve.

Wash, pick and chop the herbs.

Preheat the oven to140°C/275°F/gas mark1.

Spread the almonds on a baking sheet and roast them for 20 minutes. Cool and chop roughly.

Crumble the cheese.


Cook the wheat berries in clean water for one hour, until softened. Add salt and leave to cool in the liquid.

Meanwhile, cook the rice in plenty of salted water for 45 minutes, or until the grains open slightly but still have a good bite. Drain and dress in half the dressing as it cools.

Blanch the peas and beans in a pan of salted water for three minutes until tender, then refresh in
cold water.

Drain the wheat and mix with the rice. Add the peas and beans and the herbs. Mix through the almonds and the remaining dressing.
Taste for seasoning before scattering with the cheese. Serve.


Serves 6

150g Wheat berries

150g Broad beans, podded and shelled weight

150g Peas, podded weight
150g Wild rice
Bunch of mint
Bunch of parsley

100g Whole almonds

100g Ticklemore goat’s cheese, or another crumbly goat’s cheese
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

100ml Classic French dressing of white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey and olive oil


Mixing bowl

Sharp knife
Chopping board
Baking sheet
Serving bowl