Brandy Butter

Brandy Butter is traditionally served with warm mince pies. However it has other uses in the Christmas kitchen. Try making some try french toast with a teaspoon full, or glaze some pancakes with it for a seasonal twist.


Scale the ingredients. Zest the orange and grate the nutmeg. Cream the butter in the electric mixer. Add the icing sugar, grated nutmeg, lemon juice and orange zest. Continue to whip on the highest speed until everything is incorporated and the mix it light fluffy. Lastly add the brandy and beat until emulsified. Pipe into clean jam jar or a bowl.

Serve or preserve

Serve with warm mince pies or refrigerate for another day. The butter will keep in the fridge for two weeks if tightly covered.


Butter (room temp) 125g
Icing Sugar 55g
Orange Zest 5g
Whole Nutmeg 1/8 tsp
Lemon Juice 1 tsp
Brandy 50ml



Box Grater
Electric Mixer
Measuring Spoon