Peppery Greens – Watercress is not just a salad leaf,
    we like to use it as a green too – simply serve a large
    undressed handful to accompany our new Sutton Hoo
    spatchcock chicken with garlic and herbs, creamed
    potatoes and a spoonful of our Chilli Jam

  • DUCK

    Supper in Seconds – Flash a couple of Duck Confit
    Legs through the oven and serve with shredded
    Cavolo Nero gently wilted in a pan with some slivers
    of garlic, a teaspoon of Caramelised Onion chutney,
    a good sprinkle of Cornish Sea Salt and a squeeze of lemon

  • JAM

    Breakfast on a Plate – Our award winning Good Afternoon
    Jam, filled with sharp but sweet mixed berries, slathered
    on to simply toasted Artisan Sourdough toast with Calon
    Wen Unsalted Butter – the perfect start to the day in our book


    Super Quick Relish – Barely cover Champagne Rhubarb
    with equal parts Unio Moscatel Vinegar and water and
    simmer with root ginger, salt and a shaking of sugar for
    15 minutes. Great with grilled oily fish or our Confit
    Duck legs from the fridge