In season now – get your foraging boots on this
    weekend and hunt out some wild garlic (just starting
    to appear in hedgerows) to make a simple pasta
    sauce. Melt good quality Anchovies and Dried
    Chilli Flakes in a pan and toss with foraged wild
    garlic and ‘al dente’ Geometry of Pasta Spaghetti


    Start the day – Grate Chegworth Beauty apples
    over our award winning Sour Cherry Granola and serve
    with Brown Cow Organics Natural Yogurt and a drizzle
    of Womersley Golden Raspberry and Chilli vinegar


    Infuse 75ml light olive oil by gently frying several sage leaves and a
    few slivers of garlic in it until they impart their flavour. Pass through a
    sieve and whisk in 25ml of sherry vinegar, 2 tsp of good flavoured
    honey and sea salt. Use over roasted roots.


    To 125g of soft salted butter add 1 tsp each of three complementary
    freshly ground spices. Try nutmeg, cinnamon and dried chilli to finish
    off roasted pumpkin dishes or cardamom seed, turmeric and fenugreek
    seed as a base for spiced rice or curries. Form into a roll, cut into about
    12 portions and store in the fridge or freezer.


    A Warm Cuddle – Add a few crushed green cardamom pods,
    some fennel seeds, pink peppercorns or mellow chilli flakes
    to simmering milk and allow to infuse for five minutes before
    passing through a sieve. Then pour it over hot chocolate flakes.
    Add a pinch of sea salt to bring out the flavour.


    Simple Supper – Fry chunks of Brindisa chorizo with onion
    and garlic until browned. Add a pinch of paprika and chilli
    flakes then cook with tinned tomatoes. Season. Add al dente
    penne pasta, freshly chopped Isle of Wight tomatoes and
    handfuls of flat leaf parsley just before serving.