Whip a carton of Longley double cream to soft peaks
    adding vanilla from your store cupboard.
    Dab a small amount on your dessert plate, then place
    a Vanilla or Chocolate Shortbread biscuit on top.
    Add more cream, raspberries and another biscuit.
    Layer up again and serve with a dusting of icing sugar


    Raspberry Ice – Blitz a couple of 125g punnets
    of Chegworth Valley Raspberries with 75g of
    caster sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Push
    through a sieve and add 100ml of water and freeze
    for four hours stirring with a fork every hour or so
    until crystallized. Serve in little glasses with our
    Vanilla Shortbread


    Peppery Greens – Watercress is not just a salad leaf,
    we like to use it as a green too – simply serve a large
    undressed handful to accompany our new Sutton Hoo
    spatchcock chicken with garlic and herbs, creamed
    potatoes and a spoonful of our Chilli Jam


    In season now – get your foraging boots on this
    weekend and hunt out some wild garlic (just starting
    to appear in hedgerows) to make a simple pasta
    sauce. Melt good quality Anchovies and Dried
    Chilli Flakes in a pan and toss with foraged wild
    garlic and ‘al dente’ Geometry of Pasta Spaghetti


    Taste of the Hedgerow – Sweat and blitz foraged wild
    nettles (don’t forget to wear rubber gloves!) with True
    Foods Vegetable Stock and finish with a dash of cream
    to make a velvety green springtime soup

  • PSB

    Purple sprouting broccoli, or ‘PSB’ as we call it in the kitchen, is a brassica and close cousin of the tighter headed and more common calabrese or green broccoli. Don’t worry too much about the lower leaves that come with it, it’s the tender purple heads that hold the sweet flavour. Be careful not to overcook it – best steamed and checked for done-ness with a round-ended knife to see if it slips easily through. Simple melted butter or a more adventurous hollandaise sauce are
    both a very good friend to PSB.
    (extract from Good Food From Your Table: A Grocer’s Guide)

    Look out for PSB in our new Quinoa Salad in our shops now!