Confit Broccoli – Blanch then slow cook florets and
    stalks of broccoli in Arbequina Olive Oil, Ortiz Anchovies,
    slivers of garlic and Steenberg’s Chilli Flakes – wonderful
    through pasta or just on a piece of toasted sourdough bread


    Seasonal Salad – Try torn pieces of Buffalo Mozzarella with segments of blood orange, radicchio, toasted coriander seeds and Vallecoppa Leccino Olive Oil


    Start the day with thick slices of St John Bakery
    Sourdough spread with Sun and Seed Blanched
    Almond Butter and drizzled with London Honey


    Start these chilly Autumn mornings with a hearty, warming
    yet healthy breakfast. Treat our Bircher Muesli as
    porridge and heat with milk or water and a pinch of
    salt. Drizzle with Regents Park Honey and top with a
    whole grated Chegworth Valley Conference Pear.


    Try a slice of Emmett’s Mild Cure Ham with a
    poached egg and our Lime Pickle on sourdough
    toast – perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch with the
    papers and the food programme


    Make an instant dinner party salad with slices of
    Chegworth Valley Conference Pears into a salad
    of bitter leaves, toasted walnuts and Colston Bassett
    Stilton dressed with a simple olive oil and lemon juice dressing