Bruschetta – Don’t let day old bread go to the birds
    when it can make a brilliant starter or quick lunch in
    seconds. Griddle or toast slices of Artisan Sourdough
    bread and then rub lightly with garlic and
    drizzle with De Calabria Extra Virgin Olive
    Oil, before topping with well seasoned fresh Isle of Wight
    tomatoes and a pinch of Cornish sea salt


    Easy Dip – Drain a jar of Judion de la Granja
    Butter Beans and blitz with lemon juice, garlic
    and De Calabria Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    to make a simple dip for Autumn root vegetables,
    or our buttermilk cracker shards


    Salty and Moreish – Make simple nibbles to accompany
    a few cocktails by teaming our Parmesan Biscuits with
    pieces of crumbled Dorstone Cheese and Tomato Stall
    Oak Roast Tomatoes


    Simple Supper – Steam purple sprouting broccoli and
    toss through cooked Sapori and Colori Spaghetti with
    a pinch of Steenbergs dried chilli flakes, crushed garlic
    and a good slug of Nunez de Prado olive oil. Finish
    with freshly grated lemon zest


    Lovely Lentils – Roast beetroot and carrots with
    a halved head of garlic and toss through black
    beluga lentils, rocket and a simple dressing of
    Sicilian lemon juice, Nunez de Prado olive oil and
    flaky Cornish Sea Salt. A perfect fridge standby as
    its even tastier on day two


    Super Quick Relish – Barely cover Champagne Rhubarb
    with equal parts Unio Moscatel Vinegar and water and
    simmer with root ginger, salt and a shaking of sugar for
    15 minutes. Great with grilled oily fish or our Confit
    Duck legs from the fridge