A Warm Cuddle – Add a few crushed green cardamom pods,
    some fennel seeds, pink peppercorns or mellow chilli flakes
    to simmering milk and allow to infuse for five minutes before
    passing through a sieve. Then pour it over hot chocolate flakes.
    Add a pinch of sea salt to bring out the flavour.


    Simple Supper – Fry chunks of Brindisa chorizo with onion
    and garlic until browned. Add a pinch of paprika and chilli
    flakes then cook with tinned tomatoes. Season. Add al dente
    penne pasta, freshly chopped Isle of Wight tomatoes and
    handfuls of flat leaf parsley just before serving.

  • DUCK

    Supper in Seconds – Flash a couple of Duck Confit
    Legs through the oven and serve with shredded
    Cavolo Nero gently wilted in a pan with some slivers
    of garlic, a teaspoon of Caramelised Onion chutney,
    a good sprinkle of Cornish Sea Salt and a squeeze of lemon


    Instant Pudding – Make a quick compote with new
    season’s Victoria Plums, a sprinkling of sugar, a
    pinch of cinnamon and a squeeze of fresh orange
    juice. Serve warm over a good quality vanilla or
    cinnamon ice cream.


    Seasonal Side РSaut̩ sliced Forge Farm squash in a little
    oil and garlic, then grate over Berkswell cheese and some
    day old Balthazar Bakery breadcrumbs before flashing
    under the grill. Very good as a side with grilled chicken or
    just on its own with some soft salad leaves to mop up the juices


    An Apple a Day – Wafer thin slices of Chegworth Valley
    Discovery Apples and celeriac make a great addition to
    a salad of bitter leaves and toasted walnuts, dressed with
    De Calabria Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lemon juice and a little
    Borage Flower Honey from the London Honey Company