In season now – get your foraging boots on this
    weekend and hunt out some wild garlic (just starting
    to appear in hedgerows) to make a simple pasta
    sauce. Melt good quality Anchovies and Dried
    Chilli Flakes in a pan and toss with foraged wild
    garlic and ‘al dente’ Geometry of Pasta Spaghetti


    Taste of the Hedgerow – Sweat and blitz foraged wild
    nettles (don’t forget to wear rubber gloves!) with True
    Foods Vegetable Stock and finish with a dash of cream
    to make a velvety green springtime soup

  • PSB

    Purple sprouting broccoli, or ‘PSB’ as we call it in the kitchen, is a brassica and close cousin of the tighter headed and more common calabrese or green broccoli. Don’t worry too much about the lower leaves that come with it, it’s the tender purple heads that hold the sweet flavour. Be careful not to overcook it – best steamed and checked for done-ness with a round-ended knife to see if it slips easily through. Simple melted butter or a more adventurous hollandaise sauce are
    both a very good friend to PSB.
    (extract from Good Food From Your Table: A Grocer’s Guide)

    Look out for PSB in our new Quinoa Salad in our shops now!


    Take Shrove Tuesday pancakes to the next level with some
    homemade flavoured sugars. Simply add your ingredients to
    a jar of sugar and leave for a week or two. Or, if time is tight
    then you can speed up the infusion by just whizzing the
    ingredients in a food processor for 30 seconds or so. Besides
    adorning your pancakes, flavoured sugars are great sprinkled
    on biscuits before baking in the oven, to dredge French toast,
    caramelise desserts under the grill, scatter over fresh fruit
    salads or fold into buttercreams.
    (excerpt from Good Food For Your Table: A Grocer’s Guide)


    Sugar Flavour Infusions
    Cardamom and Mint – crushed pods
    and bruised leaves in golden sugars
    Clementine and Cinnamon – cinnamon
    sticks and strips of clementine zest in
    darker sugars
    Lemongrass and Lime – lemon grass
    stalk, split length ways and strips of lime
    zest – fantastic in coconut macaroons
    Liquorice Root – the bashed root
    makes very good meringues
    Vanilla – 1 used deseeded vanilla pod
    use in anything from rice pudding and
    fruit salad, to dusting Victoria sponge

    (excerpt from Good Food For
    Your Table: A Grocer’s Guide)


    Chocolate Fruit and Nut Rounds – the perfect handmade gift for your loved one: Using tempered chocolate (see
    How To), make 5cm discs of melted chocolate on baking parchment.
    As the chocolate is setting, push toasted pistachios, yellow raisins and cranberries into the pools of chocolate. Allow to set and serve with coffee after supper.