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The London Honey Company

London Artisan Producer (4.6miles)

Started 14 years ago with a hive in the lift shaft of an ex-council block near Tower Bridge, Steve Benbow now has hives squirrelled away around London and rural sites across the UK. Specialising in unusual nectar sources to create distinctive honeys with exceptional flavour.

For Steve it’s an undoubted passion as well as a career, and one that requires a fairly nomadic lifestyle. But, when we taste the distinct, clear flavoured honey’s his bees produce, as well as the wonderful honeycombs and now his Long Mynd Heather Mead – a collaboration with Mead maker Owen Elias made from Shropshire honey, Kentish apples and English Calvados – we can see why he keeps going.

Look out for tastings with Steve in our shops over the coming weeks – dates to be announced on our Events page soon.

In the meantime, you can but Steve’s honey and mead from our online shop here.

Located just 4.6miles from our shops, The London Honey Company make up one of the 21 producers in our London Artisans campaign, all located within a six mile radius of us. To read about more London Artisans click here.