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Camden Town Brewery

London Artisan Producer (0.5miles)

We’ve known Jasper Cuppaidge since he started making beer in the basement of his Hampstead pub, the Horseshoe, back at the start of the craft beer revolution. Now with a stable of carefully crafted beers, it’s their lager they are most proud of, still brewed weekly under their Victoria Railway Arch.

So proud are they of their Hells Lager that they credit it as being the inspiration behind starting in the brewery business in the first place. Awarded Champion Keg Lager at the International Brewing Awards 2013, it’s crisp, dry with hop finish, with lovely bubbles. Their Pale Ale is another of our favourites – the one they dub “the Queen wearing dirty sneakers” – is distinctly British with rock star twist of American hops.

Located just 0.5miles from our shops, Camden Town Brewery make up one of the 21 producers in our London Artisans campaign, all located within a six mile radius of us. To read about more London Artisans click here.

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